Nosode: Healing with Homeopathy

Nosode: Healing with Homeopathy

A nosode can consist of both foreign as well as from our own tissues. In it no longer contain pathogens. Production takes place from infectious tissue or material. So intact agent from diseased skin can also result from material such as blood, pus or cancer cells. The pathogens, however, as long exponentially until the final product can not be proven. The information about the disease but are still very much included. For this reason, the act also nosodes.

The nosode and its application

Nosodes can be bought ready made or prepared from the tissue of the patient. You can either taken orally, as well as be injected. For certain conditions such as skin diseases, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, immune system weaknesses, they are often used. Prior to initiation of therapy have to find out first what nosodes for individual complaints are appropriate. For this purpose, conducted a test of muscle kinesiology. In this case the patient various nosodes are applied to the arm. The appropriate means causes muscle rigidity. The first application can lead to a so-called “healing crisis”. However, this is a normal process, pointing out only that the agent strikes.

Effect of nosode

A nosode can not cause disease or endanger the body of toxins and pathogens. The information contained in the remedies work, but to the affected body region. They stimulate the immune system and stimulate the diseased tissue. This makes it releases increased amounts of toxins, leading to an acceleration of the disease. The body has not been provided by the nosode toxins, but only the elimination of the toxins stimulated the diseased tissue. The most important are nosodes are used Medorrhinum, Syphilinum, Psorinum and tuberculin Koch.

The effect is so far not yet proven scientifically. Observations and therapeutic success, however, indicate a high degree of effectiveness.


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