5 objectives of decoration on the day of the wedding

The celebration of a wedding is an example of calendar day that both the protagonists and the guests visualize in advance in the proximity of time. The planning of the “I do” takes shape from different elements. The decoration describes the style of an event that is unique because the story it describes is also unique. Why is decoration so important in an intimate wedding as in an event with numerous guests? Below, we describe some examples.

the aesthetics of the images can be linked to the setting of the chosen stage for such an important moment

1. Photographs of an unforgettable day

The biographical memory of the “I do” is completed with the selection of photographs that immortalize snapshots in which the decoration itself is present. Faced with the sense of transience of a previously planned day, the decoration ceases to be ephemeral through the language of a photograph that has a high emotional value. During the wedding day, emotions and feelings revolve around an event of illusion.

Therefore, the aesthetics of the images can be linked to the setting of the chosen stage for such an important moment.

2. Visual communication

There are different styles of bridal decoration but there is a universal element in the essence of this day. The flowers bring color and beauty to this day. The wedding day revolves around the meaning of a story. A story that the guests already know but that today they remember again from this new chapter. The decoration of the wedding is also part of the narrative of this love story that describes the expectations of the protagonists on this day.

3. New sensations

Each wedding is different. And this fact is visualized in different moments of this celebration. For example, the aesthetics of wedding invitations can be aligned with the decoration style of this wedding day. The magic of a wedding is transmitted through the sum of experiences that acquire the vision of each of the attendees. The decoration of the wedding can produce very different experiences, for example, surprise.

Although the essence of the wedding can be immortalized through photographs that make up the album of this day, the true experience of happiness is that which is lived in the present through the connection with a space that enhances the beauty of the season in which the link is celebrated. Sensations and emotions that leave memories that are part of this real movie.

4. Personalization

Each wedding is different. Each couple is special. The guests are also. By means of a program aligned with the expectations of the protagonists, the distance that can separate this moment from the previous visualization is reduced. The beauty of the wedding decoration does not depend on a high budget but on the attention to the desire of the protagonists who share the joy of this day in the company of loved ones.

Each love story has a unique essence from the memory of the first dates. The wedding describes the beginning of another chapter. This moment is special by itself. The decoration expresses this magic of the moment.

5. Wedding style

There are different possible styles on this day. This contextualization unifies the different details of a wedding around the universal characteristics of that idea. There are many different styles that can make you dream, for example, rustic, industrial or vintage.

Therefore, in the planning of the wedding day, the decoration is very present. This language communicates information that transcends words through visual information.


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