Occupation: From study to the first job: How successful entry

Two-thirds of one’s life is spent with work. A study is the first step toward a dream job. But not all graduates found easy the transition to working life after studying. Helpful tips are helpful.

On the profession to define the people who worked one but two thirds of his life. Therefore, more and more young people choose to study at a university. But not always succeed smoothly to the study of careers. The team has compiled helpful tips that will help the transition of the library certainly succeeds to the office.

Just six months before completion, you should start your active application phase. To show prospective boss that a double burden is not a concept for you and have an excellent organizational skills.

Occupation From study to the first job - How successful entry

Women and career

Although women have enjoyed far more emancipation ask themselves the question but many women: Career or family? Some respond with ‘work-life balance’, while others see raising children as their determination and the father comes into the traditional role of breadwinner. Fact is, full-time fathers and a comprehensive childcare and women with children to open the path of career. Likewise, we must provide financial support of the state – have not left out – whether single parent or couple.

Career aspirations

Select among all the various professional activities, what profession is right for you, you should combine your talents and your personal interests. Ongoing studies in different subject areas to help make it more concrete, and to recognize tendencies. Please use the semester breaks. Are you still undecided, it is also a consulting and information session at the employment agency to help in choosing a career.

Educational opportunities

At universities and colleges you have a wide range of goods condition of different qualifications. But who pays the required training time? First, the parents are obligated to pay the first training of the child, the other supported by the state. Child support, alimony and vocational training allowance are forms of financing. Even with a change of occupation and vocational training can be expected under certain conditions, with government aid.

Work and family

You can now combine work and family. This is simply designed but not if you crave more time with the children. Financially it is supported by the state child allowance, child allowance and deductible costs of care. Who rises in his profession, must not neglect the same family. Who is devoted to child rearing, do not automatically disappear from the world of work.


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