Olive 06HD finally an audio server at the height of passion?

Olive 06HD finally an audio server at the height of passionCreated just five years ago, the company Olive was soon made a name in the design of music servers for demanding music lovers. Its latest creation, the 06HD includes a 2TB hard drive that can store 20,000 songs in high definition. Olive announces same audio resolution 250 times greater than that of CD audio.

The manufacturer has equipped its server eight layers of material to mute the noise of the fan unit. As for his appearance, 06HD is coated with an aluminum casing. It is available exclusively in black or gray. Equipped with a 10.1-inch touchscreen 800×400 pixel resolution, it allows easy navigation in the audio library. Added to this list, a built-in recorder, a remote and a wireless antenna It supports most popular formats: WAV, FLAC, MP3 (128 and 320 kbps) and AAC (128 kbps). Still, the price of € 3825 to reserve the most affluent music lovers. Music lovers may surely love it.


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