Oppo announces four devices: 100% super-fast charging battery in just 20 minutes

Oppo announces the arrival of four new super-fast charging devices that will allow you to reach 100% autonomy in just 20 minutes of charging. Here are all the models presented!

Much discussed topic in recent days and the subject of recent rumors is the battery capacity of the next smartphones on the market and the decision of the main device manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, to remove the charger from the packaging of their smartphones. News that leave a bitter taste in the mouth of many users who, despite the reduction in accessories, could face even higher costs than the standards.

Oppo 125W Flash Charge

A breath of fresh air, however, comes from Oppo, which for some time now has turned its attention to Vooc fast charging systems and which, in the last few hours, seems to have announced the presentation of new devices that would be able to recharge smartphones in a few minutes.

Oppo is dedicated to super-fast charging and presents new devices!

There is no news on the presentation date or the expected cost but we already know that the company will launch four super-fast charging devices capable of satisfying everyone’s needs.

Oppo 125W Flash Charge is the fastest device. It is a power supply with cable that can give 40% of autonomy to a smartphone with a 4,000 mAh battery in just 5 minutes, reaching 100% in just 20 minutes of charging. The same capacities are guaranteed by the Oppo 65W AirVooc wireless charger.

Two other decidedly innovative devices are Oppo 50W mini super Vooc Charger and Oppo 110W mini flash Charger. The two portable chargers attract attention above all for their decidedly small size.

All battery chargers contain temperature sensors that make charging safe, preventing the device from exceeding 40 °.


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