How To Organize A Cheap And Funny Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the most anticipated events for moms in this meeting as well as receiving gifts when your baby is born. The pregnant woman has the opportunity to let off their dearest friends during this period.

Things you must know before arranging Baby Shower

A baby shower does not have to be a financial burden on the host, the ideal to cut costs is to meet with several people in order to save money so they put together a wonderful party. In this post I will give you some tips to help you organize a cheap and funny baby shower.


Instead of making a living in the celebration you choose to make the baby shower at home in a cozy bar or in the lounge of the club, in order to not have to spend anything on vacation.

when you comes to a baby shower, what is important and what makes it successful

Baby shower invitations

No need to buy the expensive invitations cards, you can put to work and perform it yourself at home. You can also ask your friends to collaborate and assembly step card is an excuse to get together one day and catch up while working.

You can build beautiful invitations with cardboard, tape baby, glitter and glue. If you want to include a sentence, you can print it and stick it on the card, along with information on the celebration.

A simpler option is still invite your friends by email, there are many websites with customizable virtual cards baby shower.

Baby shower decoration

A good idea is to ask each guest to work with the decor, such as bringing a balloon centerpieces home armed with flowers, garlands or whatever you prefer. For the table instead of buying glassware can use plastic cups and cutlery.


The baby shower can be on the basket, you take care of the drinks and the invitation can clarify each participant to bring something sweet or salty to eat and share with the rest. It is important to have confirmation of the number of people attending the party not to prepare food more or less, nor buy too many drinks.

The choice of food depends on the time of day in which you make the baby shower, for example if you then can ask for sweet treats, cookies and crumb sandwiches accompanied by juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

Gifts for Baby

The baby shower can also be costly for attendees, more if you do not know what to buy. You can leave the guests to bring a gift if you want to buy things that are very necessary for the day to day of the baby and not so costly, such as for example:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Shampoo and soap
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Bibs
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottles

Another way to save money on gifts is to promote recycling, you can order the invitations that attendees bring something to their children no longer used and are still in good condition. Also this is a way to engage in talks about the history of each garment or article.

In short when you comes to a baby shower, what is important and what makes it successful is not the money invested but the spirit in which it is performed.


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