Overcoming a relationship of abuse and mistreatment

The gender-based violence is one of the problems of today can not be attributed erroneously as was done in the past to certain cultures, in all societies around the world, machismo is one of the most entrenched and it costs each year millions of lives of women who succumb to the violence, without being able to do anything beyond support them, because the failure of programs to prevent and combat domestic violence fail because many women, fear, dare not reporting, and alarming statistics are not entirely certain, millions of women are out of them, living a life of abuse for them that relationship affects the whole family.
Wondering why a woman can abuse and mistreat is a question that has thousands of responses, but a common denominator, at least 99% of cases, fear. After leaving without stopping relationship the first time in a physical or psychological abusive, the woman is in a spiral that leads to violence with violence word in fact and assume for the sake of time, which is normal, there is the guilt and responsibility of being abused, it I think like normal. No such is not normal, not love, and she is not guilty of anything but the one who assaulted her.
To overcome an abusive relationship and abuse, as with additive disease or any problem that only we can overcome our assurance from staff, is to assume that you are the owner of your life and your life was not created to live in a climate of violence. Seeking help is what is recommended, a long struggle to overcome a relationship as harmful but always some people, many institutions to lend a hand to those who want to leave behind the violence.
You must be clear that there is no love in a relationship where one abuses the other; violence is a way of exercising power, a way to control someone weaker that should be protected. With the conviction that the only reality is that no one is guilty of nothing worthy subject him to a life of abuse and mistreatment, accepting help is needed and get away from this type of relationship is the first step. It takes courage but it must and can be done, particularly because preserving the life and integrity is a right and obligation of every woman and live his life quietly in an environment that is appreciated and respected is the mission of his life, receive less that creates the only fault I can feel, let someone else abused.


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