Oxygen therapy: anti-aging treatment based on pure oxygen

Oxygen therapy anti-aging treatment based on pure oxygen

As its name suggests, oxygen, antioxidant treatment is based on the application of pure oxygen. As man gets older, skin loses the O2 stores in the dermis. Through this therapy, recover elasticity, slow aging and stimulate collagen regeneration, which prevents sagging. It also has great detoxifying, so it has very good effects against acne.

You can apply through inhalation (for therapies relaxing and activating blood circulation) in the form of spray on skin or creams and massages. The most common treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliation to prepare skin to absorb oxygen and remove dead skin cells deposited on its surface. Then sprayed oxygen and then leave on time, apply a mask or cream, depending on the condition that you are dealing or the results that you seek (to get rid of acne, prevent wrinkles, clear blemishes, reduce cellulite, etc.)

Oxygen therapy is recommended from age 30, can be applied to all skin types and face, hands, neck and thighs.


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