“Pac’n Twit” the New Application to Tweet

Namco Bandai now released a new client application in the App Store, developed exclusively for Twitter and has a very original theme. “Pac Man” who only recently turned 31, and “Galaga” celebrate this year its 30th anniversary, are the main protagonists of this application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Pac'n Twit the New Application to Tweet

‘Pac’n twit’ is available on Apple’s App Store for free in since August 3. It has an appearance and functions with characteristics very similar to the official Twitter application but offers other “skins” and backgrounds inspired by the famous video game from Namco Bandai, Pac Man and Galaga.

There are two skins developed for each of these jueogs that only vary in small details and icons, for example. However, the feature that draws more attention and more fun is that when the user is dragging down the screen to refresh content, the application plays sounds landmarks such as the famous ‘waka-waka’ of ‘Pac-Man’ . A novelty that is sure to please more than one.

This application comes with some special features that are worth noting. One is the amount of several options that have Pac’n Twit  includes for example, resizing the fonts, background colors of the screen also has automatic updates, shake to update or activate and deactivate notifications ‘push’. But that’s not all, also lets you add more than one Twitter account simultaneously. While this application is free, the big difference is maintained with the official announcement which includes AdMob and we must recognize that we have found quite annoying as it is at the top of the screen.


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