Panasonic Android smartphone to return again

It is now five years since Panasonic has decided to abandon the international market to focus exclusively on the phone production in Japan. The company has decided to return back on its own footsteps, launching some Android in March 2012 with the announcement also came the first information about the device that will act as a forerunner to the return of the Japanese group in Europe and North America.

The first model for the return of Panasonic at the international level is related to a Android smartphone equipped with NFC technology and a 4.3-inch OLED display with a resolution of QHD, namely from 960 × 540 pixels. This is a slim phone, waterproof and dustproof, the second Panasonic suited to professionals age between 30 and 40.

Panasonic Android smartphone

It is not yet known what will be the version of Android supplied, as well as the names and other technical characteristics of the device, or at least the price which will be sold. Then follow other Android smartphones with heart, but still no detail has been released about it.

Great are the ambitions of Panasonic to return to the international mobile market: the producer sees the Europe as the first step necessary for re-internationalize its activities and projects that by 2016 be able to sell nine million smartphone out of the Japanese territory, in addition to 6 million units in Japan alone.


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