Part-time employee: Rights and Obligations

Important points must be considered when one is working part time.

Basically the part-time work exactly the same duties as full-time work. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that need to be considered specifically in this area.

Part-time employee Rights and Obligations

What exactly is a part-time work?

If the employee is not available for the full working time, this is called part-time work but the normal way of working has been allocated. This gives a normal employment contract, its terms must be strictly observed. In this contract, for example, the exact working hours, mostly set on an hourly noted. They agree on either a weekly or monthly quota, which must be reached and is then used by the employer individually. This model is widely used in the culinary field. In many cases, you can reach, depending on the season, also overtime, which must be done to ensure the course work. But that must then be paid by overtime and the employer.

Important contractual clauses on part-time work

It is regulated by contract, that the part-time employee is paid regularly every month. If one is not able to work due to illness or accident, but it has a right to sick pay. In working at a second company is not required and must be discussed beforehand with the employer and also allows this. This serves to protect the employer, the employer acquired knowledge so that you can not profitably implemented at a rival firm. The value of a part-time employee shall not be less than a full-time employee. The only difference is the monthly working hours.

Workers with more than six months in a company with over fifteen employees are employed may also provide the employer a request for a change to part-time work. As long as it does to the operation of any economic harm, it is possible to make this change. Similarly, but also in the reverse case. If the farmer deems it necessary, it is also possible to divide a part-time employee in more hours than stipulated in the contract. This can be offset against other days are also paid by overtime. The employer is not entitled to force a part-time employee to work overtime if they reject it rigorously. It is at the employer may choose to separate themselves as part of the notice specified in the employment of the labor force and to select appropriate replacement.


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