Patterns version of Minecraft offering something different

From studies of Linden Lab comes another imitation game pretty good and that promises a future. I say “another” because the boys of Linden Lab are also the creators of Second Life but successful clear imitation of The Sims. In this new game that has similar mechanical Minecraft have the freedom to create and experiment in a world with different ways but without the classic enemies Notch’s company, you introduce Patterns.

Patterns imitated Minecraft offering something different

Patterns and triangular world

As mentioned, Patterns intends to do basically the same as Minecraft, give players a world where they can obtain resources and thus make their own constructions based simply on their imagination.

Unlike Mojang games, Patterns world is based on a composite of triangles and composite shapes thereof. This in a sense provides design freedom than that of Minecraft, at least in principle, since Minecraft has other elements such as traps, buttons, pistons and more.

Patterns will have no tools for resources or to create new. On the other hand simply get resources tapping and build our own ways and compounding from a virtual base where you can make different shapes with compounds of different elements.

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More real physical

Patterns have a virtual physics much more elaborate than Minecraft. First of all the different types of materials have different properties and this means that you must be careful in making buildings since they can fall and be destroyed if you do not choose the right materials. In this way you can make a sand-based tower.

In addition all movements have real and even interacting with them you can take them down and move them. Like Mojang, Linden Lab, has launched a beta version of this game to start counting with the first studies of the players and their respective experiences. The game is named beta Pattern’s Genesis and costs $ 10.


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