Pediatric Dentist: The Importance of Children Going to the Dentist

Did you know that children, like adults, should go to the pediatric dentist regularly? Many parents ignore it and believe that they are too young to check their teeth, and that they will take care of that when they grow up. Big mistake! It has been shown through studies that many of the oral-dental problems that we suffer from as adults could have been taken care of at an early age to give a more adequate solution. Well, as we get older, fixing those seemingly insignificant problems can become a real headache. But don’t worry, because today you will discover the importance of children going to the pediatric dentist and why. Do not miss it!

pediatric dentist

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that there is the figure of the pediatric dentist for children , and that they are ideal because they have more experience and care with the little ones. Try to get a pediatric dental specialist, because it is the best option. The next thing you should know is that, like any other part of our body, teeth need regular care and revision, regardless of our age. Since the child is about two years old, he can start using a toothbrush, which has soft bristles and the brushing is done with delicate movements, not very abrupt. Let’s try to be the parents who do the brushing of the teeth, until the child learns to do it correctly.

The Importance of children going to the pediatric dentist

Now the million dollar question, at what age should a child go to the pediatric dentist? According to some experts in the field, a child can start going to the dentist proper from the age of four, but of course, in the company of his parents. At this age you will already understand that you should go for a review, and of course, you will be more willing to let yourself be seen by the specialist. Remember that not all children behave the same, nor do they feel the same fears, so evaluate your first trip to the pediatric dentist very well and try to make your experience with the dentist more pleasant.

Many will also ask: why should a child go to the pediatric dentist at such a young age? It turns out that this is a perfect age to fix any problem they have at the oral or dental level. Because it is just in our childhood when our body responds best to treatments and methods to solve any problem . When we are children we get our first teeth, which we call “baby teeth”, which, over time, we will move to make way for the definitive teeth.

If a baby tooth has cavities, it can infect a permanent tooth. In addition, teeth are what allow us to chew and eat correctly, and to pronounce the words well, as well as showing off a cute smile. If we have a problem, be it in the teeth, in the jaw, in the gums, etc., we have better options to fix it when we are children than when we are adults. Because thanks to the fact that our body is growing and constantly moving, sometimes with a simple concealer (permanent or removable), or some minimally invasive treatment, we manage to control the problem. While as an adult these simple tricks no longer work and treatments are usually much more expensive.


“Prevention is better than regret”, and that is totally true. The dentist as a professional can detect any problem and attend to it on time. In this way we avoid a bigger problem, which can turn into something much worse than it originally was.


If, by not going to the doctor or even going, a problem arose in our mouth or teeth, we, as we are unfamiliar with the matter, cannot do anything about it. The most we do is let the problem pass believing that it will be solved. But this is not the case, the pediatric dentist will be able to treat accordingly and put an end to the problem.


It is not just about going to the dentist when your tooth hurts or you feel any discomfort. It’s about going every so often to keep your mouth healthy.
In addition to this, it is important to remember that parents can take their children to the pediatric dentist from the age of one so that they can do a gum check and verify that everything is in order. That there are no bad formations, or anything that can affect the growth of teeth and speech. Best of all, the specialist will be able to tell you how to take care of your baby’s oral health if he or she cannot use a toothbrush yet.


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