Pedicure at Home: Tips and Tricks to make your feet beautiful

The feet always tend to be forgotten because they are not always visible or because too lazy to devote some pampering. But truth is that pretty feet make the charm of a woman, are feminine and delicate, which is why it is important to provide the necessary care.

The good news is that a pedicure at home does not take as long as we tend to believe, with only a little of your time you can do yourself and very convenient.

Pedicure at Home Tips and Tricks to make your feet beautiful

To get down to work you need to:

  • Foot container to soak filled with warm water and salts
  • Foot Scrub
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail clippers
  • Files
  • Separator pads of fingers or pieces of cotton
  • Pumice
  • Orange stick
  • Cream Moisturizer
  • Enamel or nail polish
  • Steps home pedicure

Remove the enamel on your nails and then put to soak your feet in water and salts to soften dead skin cells, skin excess and calluses, while you relax.

After 20 minutes remove the feet from water, dry them a bit to remove excess moisture and proceed with pumice to exfoliate and then scrub. Rinse again.

Dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes. Cut toenails and lime horizontal edges with the thickest part of the file to prevent ingrown nails.

With the orange stick and clean the cuticle shrinks around the contour of the nail.

If you want to paint your nails placed finger separators or cotton to prevent smearing each other and proceed to paint.

Once dry, the glaze applied moisturizer for the skin of your feet smooth and delicate.

You see the pedicure at home does not take much work and to top it is only needed once every 15 days so you have no excuses, put to work to show off pretty feet!


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