What is the perfect computer for business?

The other day you discussed what it would be perfect for the computer company and you focus on desktops, a type of format that is losing strength in domestic consumption but for their quality and price ratio is maintained as a good choice for companies. Today you will focus on other equipment, the laptop, which is increasingly common in the enterprise.

Because mobility that many organizations are today almost is essential for certain types of workers have a team like this. But it is clear that not all employees of a company will need the same type of laptop. Profitability and return on investment are key to choose.

Light and powerful laptop for highly mobile workers

When you speak highly mobile workers, who take everyday laptop in your briefcase or backpack, ranging from customer to customer with laptop in tow, use it to work from home or when they are deployed in hotels or aircraft for work talking about a laptop that must meet two premises in my opinion, should be light and powerful.

There is no perfect laptop for SMEs there is a perfect desktop for your SME

So I would not bet on a screen over 13″ and ultrabook format, weighing just over a kilo. Typically, this place such equipment in the high range, from 600 €. With regard to power, rather than computing power of the processor is interesting it fast at the start and startup programs. Here a SSD disk is very welcome when enterprize not have to open the laptop to show something to a customer.

A bonus for me is the battery life. True, you always have a plug by hand in the company or if you are in the customer’s premises, but when you are in airports or train travel does not always have this free hand. And these dead time can often be very productive if you have loaded laptop.

Mid-range laptop, a favorite of SMEs

But for most SMBs midrange laptop will be best suited . Its price is usually around 400 € and screen format ranging from 14 “to 15.6”. Today they are powerful enough to perform most of the tasks a management position in a company.

These teams are often heavier, around two and a half kilos and with a very low battery life, no doubt more than two hours usually. Nor are computers every day leaving the company, but if they do it often enough to have one of these teams.

Also in many companies is not a team that is assigned to a user, but often goes passing from one hand to another depending on who has to travel. Here it is important that the laptop is sturdy, because usually care less what is common, you use a more personal way.

Choosing the handheld operating system

With respect to the operating system actually have few options here. At the high end you can add Apple laptops , but its price will rise above € 1,000, which will make many companies directly discarded.

Regarding Microsoft operating systems, Windows 8 can be a good solution if you have touch screen, but honestly do not think that today businesses can take advantage of programs that use this feature. In its favor is that offers better performance than its predecessor.

Windows 7 is the best choice as the operating system for the laptop of SMEs. It is the system that the company is going to feel more comfortable and where I can take advantage of the programs you use, they usually have been created for use in a classic desktop, not to the new interface of Windows 8. In addition the company has been using it time and know you can expect from this system, for better and for worse.

With regard to Linux on laptops can be a good option to make good use of an old computer, but little else, as most of the teams that give official support to Linux will not cause a reduction in the price of device. Also in many cases are not optimized and will not have the performance you expect, but a lot depends on the distribution you have chosen to install.

There is no perfect laptop for SMEs but there is a perfect desktop computer for your business. Although you have less choice alternatives than desktops, there are a wide range of portable equipment where you have to look at the features that are most important to leverage them in your company.


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