Perfume capsules, the new proposal in perfumery

Developments in this world are homeless, has now launched an amazing proposal in perfumery. Pillbox Japanese brand has created a new form of fragrance with its original line of perfumes Kaoru, which do not respond to the typical way of using fragrances.

Pillbox with the proposal no longer needs to spray the fragrance on your skin or clothes, but you can just take a pill to give off a pleasant aroma for at least 6 hours continuous.

Perfume capsules, the new proposal in perfumery

Half an hour of ingesting the pill, this is absorbed by the body and begins to be excreted through the pores giving off a lovely smell of citrus fruits, rose of Damascus or to the sweet tooth, a cheesecake.

At the moment there have been no capsules with aromas like perfumes imported, but were developed with natural scents, this is because when ingested to have a pleasant taste and be completely safe.

Once you swallow the capsules, they dissolve in the stomach and released a compendium of natural active ingredients that penetrate the skin and out through the pores. Importantly, Kaoru line is not the only one in Japan is also marketed the gum, flavored gum which promise the same aromatic effect on the body.

In short, if we start analyzing the perfuming effect is possible as it is known that what we eat affects our body odor, who has eaten garlic or onion pretty sure the smell has been proven that these foods are expelled along with the sweat and feels penetrating the skin.


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