Pet: a companion for the soul

rabbit pet

Whether cat, rabbit or dog  – many people want a pet.

Who does not know? The irrepressible desire to own a pet in childhood. Whether it was a cat, rabbit, fish or dog. But most children was and still is not always fulfilled this wish and after a few years and not later in puberty, the desire then loses its importance. However, the desire for a long time, mostly leaves another hole in my heart, you will fill at least as an adult might.

For each and every animal!

But not only children are fond of animals. Almost everyone feels a special drive to a specific type of animal. Active people, above all, men like dogs as a loyal guard and friend for security. Women are known to be very attractive and they find cats against the loneliness and love to cuddle also want to get such an animal into the house. Even older people love animals, they are often seen parakeets in the apartments.

But quite apart from the usual domestic animals, tastes are very different and many people live together with unusual animals. There are reptiles lovers who lizard and Co. kept in a terrarium. Even spiders are welcome, if unusual. The list of animals is endless.

Differences of Pets

But why is it so common in society, an animal in the house, so keep a tame pet? People have been held by BC to pets. It was, above all, but that, in commodities such as meat or milk better get hold, or to use the animals as animals in agriculture. This is called the domestication of the species.

Pets such as cats and dogs that have no real economic benefit to the people to be held purely for pleasure. Actually in most countries, dogs are kept as loyal security of own house.

An acquisition should be well

However, do not consider pets as the subject for entertainment. They are living beings, like us, and have needs that must be satisfied. In addition, they are not so easy to give away when they become a boring. Such as a sports machine, which is then placed in the corner when a man has lost interest in it. The acquisition of a pet should therefore be well thought out. This cost must also be settled and resolved are who will take care of the animal in the future and who will pay attention when the annual holiday is coming up.

Predicate: Valuable!

On the other hand, is no living things back as much as an animal. Do animals have placed confidence and love unconditionally and ask for little. They also have a large impact on so many psychotherapy, for they hear, not blame, and are more patient than some people.


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