Pet Antioxidants: what should be noted

The stop aging or the aging process is not only an issue related to humans as being the pet special things for us, we also seek to delay this development.

First it is important to note that animals also have a cellular aging over the years and it is common to have wrinkles, gray hair, changes in metabolism, vision problems, and even mobility.

Pet Antioxidants

To slow down the process of aging in animals, it is important to maintain a balance of vitamins C and E in the body, as well as important minerals such as copper, selenium, zinc and carotenoids. For this fight against old age, we can use the flavonoids.

The flavonoids are natural substances that have properties that regenerate cell damage, fights cancer cells and attack the harmful free radicals, thus preventing the progression of aging in pets.

Remember to keep the immune system is important to maintain a stable good amount of antioxidants in the body, in passing, that we can better cope with any pathology is present.


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