Pinterest finally opened for business account

Pinterest is finally allowing small and large companies to create official accounts, a move that could be a first step towards the profitability of the social media of the year 2012, in fact, Pinterest is a private company which to date has not yet provided information on its income and profits generates. We have one certainty based on the data analysis of the company comScore: the site had 26.7 million unique visitors in October 2012, compared to 3.3 million in October 2011.

Pinterest is finally allowing small and large companies to create official accounts

When Pinterest burst onto the technology scene last year, he immediately appeal to designers, wedding planners, chefs and all those who like to collect and share images from the web, but now the San Francisco company said it will offer free tools in turn share this content on websites.

Already, companies are using Pinterest to share photos of clothes, recipes, photos and drawings, but with the changes announced and launched this Wednesday, the companies will officially link their websites directly to Pinterest.

Companies can also add buttons to their websites to make it easier for visitors to the “pinnare” the contents of Pinterest (via a button called “pin it”) or directly follow their profile on Pinterest.

The scenario that is going to outline in my opinion will be the end of the classic custom photo galleries on your sites, and it will be replaced by board issues and dedicated that time in virtue and in the name of free and simple, depart the property exclusive of their content within their own private space to a third party service, which in turn will operate at their discretion.

I’ve always called Pinterest a very nice plugin, social media I’ve never seen anything and the turn that will change with this convinces me even more. Pride of the breakthrough, but I would see much better system for managing photos on Facebook.

Double Pinterest acceleration in less than a week, so before whiteboards secret accounts now official, to be dormant for months as social media is now working hard just like the big players, new and radical changes rhythmic, what is the next news? Maybe attach each image to PayPal?


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