Plants that cause allergies because of the sun effect

There are several types of plants possessing a photoactive substance that can affect the epidermis. If people are wet or sweaty in the sun and are in contact with this sap, originates an allergic reaction.

Plants that cause allergies because of the sun effect

How to identify them in order to prevent the picture?

The types of trees most commonly generated by these allergies are the Hemlock, rue, fig and crataegus, they tend to be plants and trees in parks and gardens.


An allergy occurs most often in children for a simple reason: the contact with the plant occurs when they play, they fall on it, climb or when looking for a ball between the branches.


They also tend to be plants that are close to the pools and gardens, so that children play, they get wet, sweat and can fall on the ground or climb.


For this allergy originates must combine three factors: contact with the sap of the plant, the sun and wet or sweaty skin. The reaction is called phitophotodermatosis, and can occur at 24 or 48 hours of contact. It’s kind of contact dermatitis, which is caused by rubbing with sap components but reactivated by the action of solar light.


Affected individuals have a spot with red blisters, like a burn. This type of allergy causes burning and itching, and should go to a doctor to apply a corticosteroid cream and corticosteroids combined with antibiotics to stop a possible infection.


Parents should teach their children how to recognize these plants and allergies that produce to be careful and avoid contact.


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