Playstation 4 will begin its establishment at the end of 2011

A Taiwan based company began to spread rumors that the end of 2011, the company will begin the creation of Sony’s new PlayStation 4. The firm said the product distribution could begin during 2012. Some details that were developed ensure that the console would have motion recognition sensors similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.

Playstation 4 will begin its establishment at the end of 2011

Although Nintendo has announced its new product, U Wii, Sony has been waiting for their biggest competitors of the firm Nippon as Microsoft announced their future projects. In the case of the latter had already been some rumors running around the network by 2012, but now Sony’s turn.

According to Digitimes, a famous digital portal, the company would begin manufacturing its new project in late 2011 with the idea of having 20 million units for launch in 2012. Apparently, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology companies would be primarily responsible for their manufacture.


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