Post COVID-19 era: Mobile eCommerce trends in electronic commerce world

This information is designed to give you a glimpse of all the possibilities that are available to your business in the fight to remain an attractive and productive commercial alternative even in these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The history of electronic commerce began with desktop computers, but increasingly access to it is directed more towards mobile devices. The ability to buy from literally anywhere is one of the signals that consumers have given to e-commerce.

Chatbots are everywhere, and their effectiveness is undeniable

In fact, Statista determined that by 2023 73% of purchases will be made through mobile devices such as cell phones.

To take advantage of this consumer trend, in addition to the responsive development of the website, mobile apps can be used that guarantee greater practicality and customization.

Diversified means of payment

Globalization has made people want – and can – buy from a different country or continent. This has caused the payment methods to become more flexible to give access to these foreign clients.

Incorporating alternative payment methods, for example, such as PayPal, Apple Pay or even cryptocurrencies, will increasingly be an activity that is part of the trends in electronic commerce.

This will reduce the information needed to proceed with payments in ecommerce, since, with the billing and shipping information, stages in the checkout can be eliminated and provide better shopping experiences.

Video as a form of promotion

If you are a regular consumer of electronic commerce, you will know the importance of reviews or reviews. Well, Builder Fly investigated and found that 62% of consumers see these reviews before buying a product.

What this tells us is that more and more people will want and need to see reviews of your products , either on sites like YouTube or on your own page.

Many manufacturers of technological products already do it, for example, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google and Apple send their news to leading figures on the Internet specialized in making reviews, so that they speak with total impartiality of the benefits and disadvantages of their articles after testing them.

It is a very effective method of attracting customers and boosting the Branding of your brand, generating, in turn, transparency, trust and engagement without investing so much money.

In addition, the production of interactive videos that have a high power to go viral is a strategy that will increasingly achieve relevance in virtual stores, by stimulating the purchase decision in a more immersive way.

Subscription as a business model

Surely you know that many large companies offer subscription models of their products and services, such as PlayStation, Apple, Amazon, among many others.

And, thanks to this type of business, it is much easier to predict the needs of users to adjust products and services to them.

Now, let’s talk about SMEs. Many of them have created small “clubs” where people for a monthly, semi-annual or annual amount, receive products or services on a regular basis.

This is applicable to almost all spins, either:

among many others.

In this way, you will keep more customers for longer , instead of making only one purchase in your store. A positive result of this regular audience is the increase in Lifetime Value , that is, the value that each client brings to the company over time.

Sustainability as a differentiator

This is not only one of the trends in electronic commerce, it is a global trend due to the need and the collective consciousness that has developed.

People already know that resources are not limitless and sustainability is part of the conversation for modern consumers .

A web services company, carried out a survey where it found that 75% of customers want their products with fewer wraps .

Many companies have seen this need, not only as a method to help the environmental conversation, but also to increase their sales .

Applying, for example:

biodegradable wrappers;
raw materials from socially and financially responsible organizations;
reduced use of paper;
recycling methods at all stages of production;
sustainable use of energy;
home office ,
among others.

Nike is one of those companies and decided to market a shoe made entirely from recyclable products. And it is not the first company to do something similar.


Chatbots are everywhere, and their effectiveness is undeniable. SMEs now have the ability, with a moderate investment, to add this technology to their sites to offer more pleasant and personalized experiences.

This type of tool is designed to read and respond to user requirements in just seconds and thus provide them with a more interactive, personal and effective service for conversion and loyalty.

In addition, a chatbot is an abundant source of information for companies that rely on Big Data to predict habits and behaviors of their users on theirsite.

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Social distancing is not the end of commerce, on the contrary, it is the acceleration of something that was inevitable : the vertiginous expansion of ecommerce.

These trends can give you a guide to where the digital market is going and the needs and requirements demanded by modern consumers of Internet businesses.

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