Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

Interventions to reduce the abdomen to withdraw excess skin and fat, while strained abdominal muscle wall if necessary. As with any surgery, good results are guaranteed by the experience and professional ability, as well as to monitor the precise indications and postoperative care.

In the case of abdominoplasty, the person has to carry drainage for two or three days to remove fluid that accumulates in the intervention. The hospitalization lasts 2 to 3 days depending on the case, and the day after surgery and can get up and walk.

Postoperative care of abdominplastia

The use of compression garment is very important, it has carried for a month, for three weeks day and night and last week just to sleep. During this time the belt is removed only for cures, reviews and massages, it is noteworthy that take longer than recommended will not improve results and may even delay recovery.

Discomfort and back pain are common because of the stooped posture that takes the first few days, but the strip has a support function that helps relieve the discomfort, on the other hand, the bands of compression makes the skin drying, which is why you have to use creams moisturizers in the area once the doctor.

Postoperatively feels tension or tightness in the abdomen, making it convenient to have a semi-lying position to sleep or sit. Edema will gradually, it is normal to increase in the day and if you spend much time on their feet, while at night the swelling down. This is because being in a horizontal position facilitates lymphatic circulation in the abdomen.

The occurrence of seromas in the early days is normal, usually if they are small the same body absorbs the remaining are extracted by puncture.

Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

It is important not to smoke a week before the operation and during the postoperative period because the hard snuff arrival of oxygenation and nutrients to the skin and can cause complications and delayed healing, fat necrosis and a slowdown in the regeneration of tissue.

In terms of diet, in this period must be taken to eat several meals a day but in small amounts so that the abdomen do not stress, in turn should reduce the intake of foods that could generate gases.

Postoperative Treatment

The edema which appears due to the intervention is reduced with manual lymphatic drainage, which takes a trained therapist, a week after surgery. It is important that the person responsible for lymphatic drainage is a licensed professional because a treatment performed incorrectly can cause delayed re-absorption of edema.

The massage does not have to be deep but soft surface during the meeting place and used dressings rosehip oil. The treated area is massaged as well as the same scar after the stitches are removed.

If even after a few weeks after surgery remains abdominal strain, the specialist indicae the patient stretches the rectus abdominis muscle to accelerate the recovery process.

To enhance the appearance of the scar and remove any adhesions, especially in people with a tendency to keloid scars, treatments are used technology LPG which in turn help shape the silhouette improve body contour.


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