Postpartum and sexuality: how to recover the fullness of desire

The weeks following the birth of baby is chaos in all areas: first, the body is healing and recovering its shape, as you become accustomed to breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. And secondly, get home a new member and routine change dramatically: the priority is to address this new life that depends on everyone.

Psychologically it can take away from the head the idea of having sex, but also adds to the body, “program” not to think of that. It’s known that during the nine months of pregnancy hormones raise production to sustain and nurture the pregnancy.

Postpartum and sexuality how to recover the fullness of desire

After birth, the levels do not restore normal, but begins to produce a new hormone called prolactin. Prolactin, as its name suggests, endocrine stimulation of milk production. But this hormone has the opposite effect of progesterone, testosterone and estrogen, decreased libido, fertility and even the ability of lubrication.

Not what we call quarantine whim, those 40 days after delivery, during which the woman takes to heal and adjust to motherhood. So the first thing we need is patience and your partner. That time is necessary and also as the weeks and milk production becomes natural, decreases prolactin and reappear sexual desire.

So, to have sex again, it is ideal to wait for the review puerperal, during which our obstetrician will tell if we’re ready. Then, of course, a couple must decide the best time. Find us ensure a calm and take things easy: we must move smoothly and progressively, paying attention to the reaction of our body and our comfort. Perhaps the first meetings will not necessarily end with penetration, but the caresses, kisses and words will lead the way and will reach completion. Good communication will be key between the two. If you have fears or not yet ready to resume sexual life, raise all your doubts that are sure to be cared for and respected.

Once it is time, try new positions and play with our fantasies will help the fatigue and changes in your body does not discourage you. If your natural lubrication still does not cooperate, you can choose a water-based lubricant to help.


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