Potato salad and mint against high cholesterol

The combination of potato and mint can turn out to be great on a salad. This option is great for those who suffer from high cholesterol, as this can have on the table a new gasket that does not undermine this. Want the recipe? Then you just have to follow these simple steps.

Potato salad and mint against high cholesterol

Two potatoes
Half cup of corn cooked
Media onion
Some chopped olives
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cook potatoes in their skin in boiling water, steam or microwave. Then peel them under running water and cut into large cubes. Arrange them in a container, where you will add the olives, corn, cooked and finely chopped onion.

Meanwhile, you will be preparing the dressing for this salad. In a mortar, crush the mint leaves with a little salt, then adding the oil and vinegar dressing and fresh form. Ends with a little pepper and more salt, if you do missing.

This recipe can go wonderfully with a homemade soy burgers or salmon with white wine, thereby forming a full menu against hypercholesterolemia.


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