The most Powerful Android Emulator For Windows PC

MEMU, the new Android emulator for Windows PC allows you to try and install Android Apps on Windows.

And the dream of many, use Android applications even on Window s natively but it is not possible and therefore we must rely on external programs, so-called emulators. There are many, the most famous being Bluestack but among those alternatives I suggest you try MEMU which looks like an Android emulator for Windows very complete and lightweight to use Android apps on Windows easily.

Memu allows you to have an Android emulator on Windows to try all the features of Android on your computer without incurring any risk

Memu is a free Android simulator for Windows, into practice after the program installation and without any initial configuration, we can have a full Android emulator on Windows and install Android applications in APK format via simple drag and drop or download them from the Google Play Store.

How to emulate Android on Windows

Memu allows you to have an Android emulator on Windows to try all the features of Android on your computer without incurring any risk.

We have already spoken in the past of programs that allow you to emulate Android on Windows PC such as BlueStacks, which is undoubtedly the best, but MEMU is another interesting Android emulator for Windows PCs that lets you test the operating system Google on our computer a few simple clicks.

How MEMU function?

The operating MEMU is extremely simple and immediate and after installing it on your device and Windows starts, you will be ready to use Android on Windows emulation.

And the convenient thing about an emulator is that you can open and close when you want Android, as if it were a normal program. When you need Android does not have to do anything but open MEMU to have the Google operating system at hand; When you have finished using it, however, close the to go back to using Windows as you always have.

MEMU also allows the sharing of files between the two operating systems, as well as providing the ability to create, clone, and delete multiple Android instances at the same time, exploiting them in the manner you prefer (run movies, navigation etc. etc.), even to simulate your GPS location.

As if all this were not enough, MEMU is completely free: you do not pay one penny to use this program and have Android emulated on Windows PC.

In a couple of minutes and a few clicks your MEMU is perfectly configured: do not miss the full support for Google’s software and, of course, to the Google Play Store. Once you started you will realize that by default there are very few applications installed, but once gained access to the Play Store this will have little importance.

As you can see, MEMU is a perfect alternative to BlueStacks to emulate Android on Windows PC and, with regard to the tests I’ve done, MEMU seems much more responsive than its main competitors. In particular, I noticed a lot less lag and in general the system seems more fluid in the performance of all major operations.

I almost forgot: when installed MEMU are already activated privileges ROOT , very interesting thing to make the most emulated this version of Android.

In short, if you want to try Android on Windows PC in a simple and easy, you should definitely try MEMU . It ‘a very good program, well optimized, fast, stable, responsive and constantly updated.

Download MEMU to emulate Android on Windows

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