PPC advertising – Four alternatives to Google AdWords

Google is not the only solution if you want to advertise via PPC ( pay per click ). While Google AdWords is the industry leader in this field, arbitrary rules of Google, the high costs, lack of customer support and a cavalier attitude towards advertising has come a long People look at suitable alternatives.
A popular alternative, you may know, is that the Yahoo search engine marketing. Yahoo, the search engine the second largest in the world, offers a slightly cheaper price per click and it is much more relaxed with the formats of advertising and link. If you were unsatisfied with Google, why not lend a Yahoo?
Microsoft Search Advertising is another great alternative that will grow in popularity as the search engine Microsoft Bing is nowadays browsing by more people. Bing has already entered into the market share of Yahoo, so you can bet that the search advertising leads Microsoft will give you stronger, and more time passes. It may later become an excellent alternative to Google AdWords.
Another option is Facebook Ads. Facebook, according to some calculations, is the first site in the world with no less than 540 million members and more than 500 billion page views per month. Millions of people log on to Facebook every month (over 111 million Americans online last month) and the amount of traffic you can channel is phenomenal. Facebook Ads also offer much in terms of commitment of the user and is an ideal option for those who want to move out of the mold of strict PPC Google AdWords. The cost is low due to the relative lack of competition.
MIVA is another alternative, one that you can not have heard of. MIVA was founded in 1999 and has the same functionality as Google AdWords. Although not among the big three (Yahoo, Bing, Google), MIVA is certainly one to keep an eye on. Give it a shot if you want to try a flexible and cheap.


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