Prevention and treatment of acne on the scalp

The grains in the head may arise as a form of acne, as a result of severe irritation of the scalp, which may be generated by the use of certain products or allergies, or folliculitis. All this can be avoided by using the right skin and hair products.

To prevent this type of acne, the main thing is to keep the hair clean and free of fats and oils. Another rule is that towel used to dry the hair should be hygiene and keep personal. Furthermore, when combing hair, you must avoid rubbing or scratching the head strongly. You must also be careful with buckles and plate, to avoid possible injury or burns.

If anyone has already gotten it, wash and comb it gently so that it does not worsen the irritation. Use some anti-itch cream. Remember scratching the infected area involves great risk of worsening the infection, and increase the damage.


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