Home printer able to print solar panels in 15 seconds

The enthusiasm of a few inventors has developed a unique device, a kind of printer that produces solar panels, in just 15 seconds. It is the achievement of Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein.

These entrepreneurs try and revolutionize the universe of solar panels at small scale with the product The Solar Pocket Factory emerged by chance when we began to see the solar panels that are offered on the market must much of their higher costs to being assembled by hand, and that many times there are failures in these welds.

Home printer able to print solar panels in 15 seconds

They also found that in many cases the material degrades and disintegrates in a few years of use, another against more to implement solar energy at the household level. So it was why they determined that if they were able to automate production, they could lower the price by 25% and at the same time, improve production to delete that 15% of failures.

They also saw that if they used better quality materials, their panels would capture more light, last longer and be more efficient.

It was in this way as managed to develop The Solar Pocket Factory, a small machine that recalls much to the home printers. When your project is completed, this machine will make a panel every 15 seconds, i.e. that its potential will be a million devices a year.

These entrepreneurs come to his invention as the equivalent of the “boutique factories” in the gastronomic sector, and not something that families have in their homes. Learn more about them at this link.


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