Professional Makeup Secrets: Advice for makeup lips

The sensuality of some lips beautiful is one focus of makeup. As in other notes on professional makeup , this will tell you secrets on how to make up your lips so they look beautiful and your lipstick is durable .

If you want to find the red perfect for your skin , try applying a lip color that has the same shade as your skin around the lip: colors cool uses fresh, toned warm using warm lip. Apply right from the center and then complete the entire lip.
Spread fluid concealer or foundation on the lips to neutralize your lip
Spread fluid concealer or foundation on the lips to neutralize your lip tone and make it more vibrant the color of the lips. Besides this way you prolong durability.

The lipstick is tested within fingertip, rather than on the back of your hand. The fingertip is much like your lip color, so you’ll see what looks best, then move to the lips.

Uses a liner meat tone to delineate lips along Cupid’s bow. This reduces the possibility of draft, spill and makes lips appear fuller and more defined

To choose the right color for your lips a little secret: pulling her lower lip down and look at the color inside . Choose lipstick the same color or slightly lighter, but the same color as the inside of your lips.

Apply concealer on the outer corners of his lips to raise your lips into a smile .


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