Professional Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of Copper Pots

To keep copper pots always shiny and clean, this should be rubbed with a mixture of salt and lemon or vinegar and flour regularly.

In every kitchen, of course, includes pots. These can be manufactured from various materials such as aluminum or cast iron. However, copper pots can be found in many households. Helping them reach their optimal service and work visually, it must be cleaned and maintained.

Professional Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of Copper Pots

Before cleaning copper pots, you should make sure that it rinses out immediately after use and thus exempt from the leftover food and the rough dirt. If something can not be burned and rinse so easy, you should fill the copper pots with a little water and let it stand so for some time, so that the residue can soak. This allows them to remove residue.

During the cleaning of pots you should rely only on soft cloth or sponge and remove with this, the remaining residue. Sponge iron or other hard and scratchy utensils will scratch the surface of the pot, making food faster and burn also lost the visual effect. Therefore, one should also make sure that you only use suitable utensils, for example, to stir the food while eating. Even forks and knives will damage the surface coating quickly.

Care of copper pots

In addition to proper cleaning, copper pots also need to ensure proper care, as they start after some time and lose their luster. To regain the luster of the beautiful pots, one needs no special cleaning or other expensive means. Using a lemon, salt and a simple kitchen towel can be the copper pots quickly and high gloss polish. This is simply pressed from half a lemon and mix the juice with some salt obtained.

Now simply the kitchen cloth is soaked in this solution and therefore rubbed the pot mat. One should be careful that you do so very carefully to not miss any points. Then the pots are easily rinsed off with warm water and then dried. As an alternative to this method, you can also mix a cleaning paste. For this purpose flour and vinegar are mixed together in equal amounts. This one adds a little salt. This paste is smeared now a kitchen towel, with which you then rub the pan thoroughly. This paste can be both internal, as well as rub the outsides of the pots. With this method you should make sure that you do it very carefully in order to achieve a consistent result. Then rinse the paste simply wipe the copper pots.

Now look at the pots both from outside and inside, isn’t it shining?


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