Pronokal Diet against high cholesterol and overweight

The Pronokal diet is a diet designed to treat obesity and overweight. But this is a disease and a risk factor at a time, usually not alone. One of the pathologies associated with it is the high cholesterol, so it has been observed that those who engaged in the Pronokal diet managed both cholesterol and control weight.

The Pronokal diet is a diet which aims to provoke, especially in the early stages, a state of ketosis in the body. The Ketosis occurs when the body has no sugars to produce energy and uses fat for this metabolic process at the cellular level.
Pronokal Diet against high cholesterol and overweight
This explanation helps to understand why Pronokal diet can not only help you lose weight, but also cause a decrease in cholesterol in the blood.

When you do not eat or eat very little vegetables, fruits and cereals, the amount of glucose for energy production decreases, then the body needs to draw on the fatty deposits to produce such energy. Thus, the concentration of blood lipids and cholesterol in blood is reduced.

This means that a high protein diet as Pronokal diet can cause weight loss and controlling cholesterol. Furthermore, according to data collected by studying the effect of this diet on people with several risk factors, there was also reduced blood pressure and triglycerides.

The Pronokal diet consists of different stages or phases and this lowering effect would occur especially in the first phase or active phase. Another feature that suggests diet is said and prepared foods made especially for this diet.

Conclusion: The high protein diets can result in an initial benefit for both weight loss and lowering cholesterol. But if this diet is done for a long time, then it can cause certain side effects such as kidney and liver problems.

The important thing is that, prior to this diet or another you should consult with your doctor to avoid complications, and get all the benefits it can have a good diet.


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