Properties of Garlic: Medicinal and Friend of all Meals

Garlic, rustic and ancient, natural product is able to prevent and alleviate a number of diseases as well as being responsible for meals due to the unique flavor. Its cultivation does not require great care, and to top it off, his teeth ground repel pests other plants.

The garlic in food

Garlic, lily family of plants, cousin of the onion, is nicknamed Allium sativum. Typical of this kind is to create a bulb, which comes powered by the leaves themselves, which is separated into independent units: the cloves. It may have from two to 15 teeth, depending upon environmental factors as well as of the species. Each garlic plant has a cycle of two years.

Without too many complications at the time of its planting, growing garlic is performed from entering the garlic cloves in the ground, watering only every fortnight. The climate for it is the spring, but by their characteristics, garlic adapts to winter temperatures. In any case, it is preferable to plant during the autumn, when the weather is mild and the days have plenty of light.

A nitrogen fertilizer can be successful in planting garlic and a pre-prepared soil with compost. As the growth time, the garlic plant reached its peak at four months of planting. The sign that it’s time to harvest the garlic leaves give it, they begin to dry out. How do we harvest the garlic? Simply pulling the sheets and pulling the bulb outside earth.

You can make your own string of garlic: the system is to make groups of three braids with garlic, leaves removed prior to which are added in ascending scale triplets. It is a good resource to let dry garlic in a dry place.

Medicinal benefits and Properties of Garlic

Among the many benefits to health posed by the regular intake of garlic, you can mention that prevents infections and various diseases, while functions as:

  • Antiseptic, antifungal and natural antibiotic.
  • Body scrubber.
  • Activating blood circulation (blood thinner).
  • Lowering cholesterol, protecting the arteries and heart.
  • Expectorant.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Thyroid regulator.
  • Wart.
  • Anticarcinogenic.
  • Aphrodisiac.

It is delicious as a condiment in almost all recipes, Probably it is one of the most well known Properties of Garlic. One way to eat garlic daily is with flavored breads. In addition, garlic beautifully accompanies the taste of beef and chicken, with particularly tasty fillets.

Of course, if we talk about the taste, you can not forget a treat as the pesto on the noodles and pasta.


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