Radiant Defense: the best Android tower defense Game

Radiant Defense can be considered as one of the most confusion and colorful android tower defense game, with an adventure set in a universe populated by alien hordes invading your defenses. Your task, as in all tower defense, will be to defend your fort with the right laser weapons, in addition to being able to change your defenses as best believe.

Radiant Defense td tower defense best Android Game

Radiant Defense includes more than 300 waves of aliens in a total of 10 levels, but very few complexes, 9 and 3 super weapons upgradeable weapons of mass defense.

The original soundtrack will make you live intensely the game play, especially when the levels of play will be more difficult. The level of difficulty of the game is higher than the average of the other tower defense, as demonstrated by the fact that you will build your defenses and many situations will resolved only by using all the best weapons available. Radiant Defense is a free of charge and is available on the Play Store.


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