How to read Facebook Messenger messages without being aware that you have read them

There are times that we send a message to Facebook and, although we want to read it, we can not do it because we do not want the person to know that we have read it . That, which at first may seem very complicated, the truth is that it is not so much. Do you want to know how to read a message in Facebook Messenger without the person knowing that you have read it? Well, we’re going to teach you how to do it.

read Facebook Messenger messages without being aware that you have read them

There are three ways to do this . Choose the one you like best and the one that suits your needs. There are two that you can do from your smartphone and one on the computer. According to your use they will compensate you more or less. That said, let’s get started!

Reading from notification panel

If you have Facebook Messenger installed or, as is my case, Facebook Messenger Lite, you can read the messages from the notification itself . Since I do not feel like answering you, I simply read your message from the notification and that’s it . The sender¬†does not know that receiver has read it, so mission accomplished.

This also applies to the normal Facebook Messenger application, not just the Lite. In fact, it is applicable to any application with drop-down notifications . Of course, when we have a conversation too long this can get complicated, because the notifications are made to have a preview , not to see the complete message.

Putting the phone airplane mode

When you receive the message, you simply have to put the phone in plane mode and access the message . That way you can read what your contact has written to you without confirmation of reading. Remember to re-enable it to continue receiving messages. Also keep in mind that if you get back to talking, having the data and connections disabled, you will not receive the new messages.

Using Facebook Unseen extension in Chrome

If you use Facebook Messenger from a computer and you are using Google Chrome, you can install the Facebook Unseen extension . When you install it, the read confirmation is blocked, so no contact will ever see that you have read your message.


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