Real Estate Marketing – Email Campaigns Designed to win

We live in a digital age where information and marketing the most is transferred digitally to our TV or computer. That said, why would you want to fall behind the times and continue to send a newsletter every month? Direct print send is much unnecessary and expensive than email marketing real estate.

Real Estate Marketing

Think about it: if part of your marketing budget is for print and direct mail you have the cost of paper, printing and mailing, not to mention the environmental cost when half the people on your mailing list newsletter that throw without opening it. In the real estate marketing, the email is a much better method to use to reach your customers at a time. Of course, one of the most important parts of an email campaign is to have good email addresses of high quality. So how do you get the email addresses of people looking to buy or sell? Here are some basic do’s and don’ts for you started collecting emails that are more likely to lead to a loyal customer base and a source of references.

Offer a chance to register for the newsletter on most pages of your site. Options for more people who visit your site have to register for your newsletter, they are more likely to choose when you register. The sign up will not have to be flashy or attract attention too. You just give the user of the site the opportunity to “come across” your newsletter sign up more than just your home page.

Keep an archive of past newsletters on your site. When site visitors can view the information you have sent in the past, they are more likely to register to receive new releases via email. Having an archive of past newsletters shows the reader that you do not intend to send spam. You will send the relevant information.

Collect email addresses at conferences and shows real estate at home. Of course, these shows can be 50/50 and other staff people looking for information on buying or selling a house, but you can still retrieve email addresses of interested persons. Where and when you talk to future home buyers, always bring a newsletter sign-up sheet with you to collect names and e-mail after you speak.


Buy email lists. These lists are not as well kept as the vendors would have you believe. Frequently, there are many addresses for accounts no longer in use and you have no way of knowing exactly how the parties are interested in receiving a newsletter in real estate. Stick with fewer email addresses of quality bulk quantities of bad addresses.

Send emails to addresses with the evidence they opted out in. Despite the amount of spam we all receive in our mailboxes, you should opt to receive emails from a business. There are legal ramifications for not being able to show proof that your subscribers email opted for your email newsletter.

Use inherited lists. Similar to purchased email, you never know exactly how old the information is inherited with the e-mail or the degree of precision. You have no way of knowing how or when your colleague collected data or if it is still valid.

If you want to avoid the deer and not to do so, you’ll be on your way to building a solid collection of e-mail that will give you more tracks.


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