Records, Slides And Audio Cassette Digitizing

Records, Slides And Audio Cassette Digitizing
You can digitize records, slides, narrow-gauge films and audio cassettes and receive such important memories. In the course of life to collect a lot of memorabilia that would not lose. Especially photos, videos or audio recordings of important experiences are worth to be lifted and maintained. The technology is developing rapidly but more and most storage media, such as Super-8 films, photos and video cassettes are both outdated and limited shelf life. This can and should be applied to other modern media so that they remain in the future.

Videotapes transferred to DVDs

The era of the video cassette is already long gone and yet still piling up on most beloved family films and recordings on VHS tape in the apartment. This certainly is nice to remember and at some point it has a nostalgic value to something to see on the video recorder. But it is better to digitize the unique and personal photographs. Who wants to make it easily can simply hire a service that, for example, various electronics retailers. It can also make yourself at home. You need to but a DVD-VHS combo recorder with built-in hard drive. It then copies the complete DVD to the hard disk and burn this copy finally on a DVD. Another possibility is to connect the VCR using an RCA cable to the PC, to play the video while taking on the hard disk with a video editing program. Subsequently, the recording edited and burned to DVD.

Records and cassettes transferred to CD

Records are a popular collector’s item to music lovers that you would not give up so much. To make sure that the music is not lost on them or even listen to me the go, you can transfer vinyl records to CDs. This is basically very simple.

  • If you have a modern turntable, this normally has a USB port, so you can connect it to the PC and save the record and simply absorb. Otherwise it goes without USB port. To do this connect the turntable to a Hi-Fi amplifier or a phono preamp and this again with an RCA cable to the PC sound card. The recorded music can be with free programs from the Internet improved the quality and even convert to MP3 files.
  • Likewise, you do it with tape also. The tape player includes one with an RCA cable (or TRS connector) to the PC sound card and record the music. More details: just connect one plug of RCA cable to the tape player’s line-out (headphone jack) and other plug into the pc line-in jack. Then open a recording software (jet audio or simply windows audio recorder) start recording while pressing “play” button of tape cassette player.

The transfer of slides, negatives and narrow-gauge films

With these three formats, it is harder to transfer themselves to digital media. The easiest way it works in a narrow-gauge film. This can be played with a projector on a wall and simultaneously record to a digital camcorder (digital camera) and then transferred to the PC and then burn them to DVD. Otherwise, it’s worth it for slides and negatives can be transferred to a service provider. To make it yourself, you need a special scanner, the acquisition is not worthwhile in terms of cost, because they can only scan negatives and slides and any other documents.


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