Red lips and pale, from classical to star in makeup 2012

This year, the great divas of Hollywood, the most stunning femme fatales in the history of film and fashion, will be honored as never before in the look of sexiest makeup of all, it definitely set Marylin: the red lips in a contrasting pale face. The trend began to look after the celebrities of the moment put aside for sunbathing that takes all the passionate red eyes of the mouth. Maybe you can try?

Getting this kind of makeup requires some dedication, especially when it comes to finding the red lipstick that feels herself better skin tone, eye color and hair. On the base, it is not look like a geisha, but to achieve a homogeneous and bright complexion that stands out for its clarity.

Jessica Alba red passion

Jessica Alba: red passion

As mentioned, there are different shades of red. Actress Jessica Alba looks in this picture a warm tone, according to your skin. If you get that shine on the lip, then you can apply gloss to the paint.

Moreover, her eyes black delineated and eyelashes look thicker without removing make up the focus of attention to the make-up. As for the cheeks, you see plenty illuminator is placed in the center of the face, nose, forehead and chin, cheekbones highlighting just a pale pink.

Angelina Jolie Eastern pallor

Angelina Jolie: Eastern pallor

She chose to do a face almost geisha, which means that you have not flush anything that is giving way to the red with warm overtones, almost coral, making it stand out game with detailed neckline.

The pallor, as well as Jessica Alba, is crystal full of light. As for the eyes, the wife of Brad Pitt opted for a black outlined subtle, Japanese pin-up, in keeping with the sophistication and simplicity that characterize her style.

Emma Watson in love rouge

Emma Watson in love rouge

The British actress has been chosen for the campaign face of Lancôme, at the launch of the Midnight Rose Tresor, where the reds are all the rage.

In this make-up, the trend of red lips and white face is accentuated in the absence of color in the cheeks. The coral red lipstick is thus in harmony with the chestnut eyes and hair.

This 2012 season, relive this classic make-up that we like: A rouge tone is waiting, go for it.


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