How to redecorate with Fluorescent colors as Spring Summer Trends

The fluorescent colors are one of the most important trends of this season, spring summer 2012. These colors are vibrant and energetic to help highlight all of the women look more fashionistas.

How to redecorate with Fluorescent colors as Spring Summer Trends

Well, to be important and striking colors is not easy to learn to take them with grace and glamor that is why in this paper will show you how you can incorporate into your outfit with modern accessories and super keys.

Neon colors in your clothes, accessories and shoes!

Fluoride in your feet

This pair of sandals with a touch of yellow neon is just beautiful and looks is superb in many informal and shorebirds. An article must in your wardrobe.

How to redecorate with Fluorescent colors as Spring Summer Trends

Bracelets fluorine

Add a bold pop of color with bracelets like this flashy pink enameled brass. You can take one or two to get a more neutral, or even use one to complement other bright colors, if you want to attract attention.

Electrical Earrings

A colorful pair of earrings like these neon green with gold plate base, two colors that are going to be super seen in the summer for energy and good vibes they transmit.

Fluoride in hair

Protect your head from the sun while you look fabulous straw hat with this ultra urban chic. Imagine this look with a cute jean, tight-fitting shoes and very casual but very modern.

Color in the arms

A portfolio like this bright orange is ideal to lift any outfit in neutral colors to draw attention wherever you are. Ideally, the bag is not large, such as this which is small and full of pockets, it comes with adjustable strap for comfortable.

Neon nails

Neon nails are not only fun and flirty, but are all the rage for summer. Paint the fingers and toes in a tone fluoride to get noticed as a playful wink any outfit.


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