Regrowth of hair for hair loss and hair weakened

Gymnastics Hair is based on the implementation of various natural and physical therapy techniques implemented jointly to recover the weakened hair with tendency to fall.

This technique is called capillary gymnastics because it acts on the same principles that gymnastics body and generates effects that can say “like” and getting a strengthening of the hair fiber by improving the bulge.

Regrowth of hair for hair loss and hair weakened

The hair can not do gymnastics as with muscles, so it can be done is an exercise of the scalp, which houses the roots produce hair.

The hair is like gymnastics gym with common fundamental biological principle underlying that improved oxygenation and nutrition of a body, it tends to develop better and more effective. It is for this reason that when you exercise a muscle that becomes powerful, the same goes for hair.

Hair Gymnastics makes use of these treatments for hair restoration:

  • Radio frequency hair
  • Stimulating hair w / High Frequency
  • Iontophoresis on the scalp
  • Treatments spa capillaries
  • Regeneration of hair bulb

The results obtained by capillary gymnastics are based on changes in the quality and quantity of hair, the first changes are seen much faster because they refer to hair that already exists prior to treatment, these are characterized by improvements in thickness, endurance, body, hair color and armed weakened.


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