Regularly clean the deep fat fryer grease trap

A grease the frying oil filter can only be kept clean, only when it is thoroughly cleaned regularly. Only one then obtains guarantees healthy foods.

An odor filter is already included as standard in most deep fryers. The main purpose of course is the reduction of odor, and furthermore, he still makes sure that the fat remains in the fryer. Additionally, is particularly recommended for those who make frequent use of its deep fryer, a grease filter. This removes contaminants in the fat, allowing a multiple use. Meanwhile, many devices even contain a built-in grease filter.

Regularly clean the deep fat fryer grease trap

Function of the filter

When frying, it can not be avoided, that small particles from entering the food into the fat and then eventually blacken. These particles contaminate the grease, which even then changes its chemical structure. This is particularly the emergence of the nitrogen compound acrylamide is a health risk. It is formed during the heating of starch, therefore, among other things, too hot or too long frying. Acrylamide is a toxic, carcinogenic and toxic to reproduction.

In addition to these health issues is the fact that contaminated grease loses its flavor and tends to smoke. A grease filter is now there to remove bitter substances, suspended solids and charring to the same frying. The purified in this way helps to reduce the fat used for further operations.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of the entire fryer is indispensable in any case. Only then will prevent that set deposits that are difficult to remove later. The grease filter should be cleaned naturally. Otherwise, the purpose of the filter – which consists of the fact, to keep the fat for frying other clean – do not be achieved. When you filter the dirt particles remain in the back fat filter. You can now go through a re fat, of course, these particles get into the fat, which thus is not cleaned at the end. Therefore, should actually be carried out after each filter process, a thorough cleaning.

Hot water alone is by no means, because no dirt is usually water soluble. A degreasing detergent is recommended, therefore, necessarily. Remnants of the cleaning agent must be removed with water, then of course, since the chemicals that would otherwise go on to clean the fat in the food. Despite functioning and purified fat frying oil filter should be replaced regularly to avoid the formation of trans-fatty acids.


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