Reiki and reflexology to relieve stress and facial expression lines fade

In the field of aesthetics there are plenty of options that strive for beauty outside of the people, and others who work from “inside out”, as in the case of therapies that seek to achieve eastern inner balance, which reflected on the outside.

Reiki for beauty

Reiki is a Japanese technique that returns the energy balance and harmony to people, the method works on the 7 chakras of the body to open and permit the flow of energy. It is a therapy that reduces stress levels, helps the body relaxation, mental and helps rapid healing.

The benefits of Reiki: energy balance, the greater spiritual harmony and high vital energy resulting in high defenses, happiness, health and a radiant face, beautiful and without wrinkles or lines.

When the person receiving the energy in Reiki sessions are relaxing at depth and release blocked energy making detoxify the body absorb vital energy healing and raise the vibrational frequency of the body.

With regular practice of Reiki improves blood circulation and thus recover the balance of the functions of the dermis, causing some wrinkles disappear; parallel activates the metabolism and detoxification mechanisms, elasticity is restored tissue and sagging muscle removed.

Facial reflexology for Beauty:

Facial reflexology is a technique that improves muscle and skin of the face and is commonly used as an adjunct to other facial treatments. Has both curative and cosmetic purposes, to address issues and areas of the face is effective against numerous disorders of the skin.

Facial Reflexology has become an alternative to invasive treatments such as facelift, chemical peels, botox, etc. This technique offers many advantages over conventional treatments, and highly effective in most cases.

Benefits of Facial Reflexology

  • No pain
  • Clean the skin of deeply
  • Produces an immediate lifting effect
  • No contraindications or side effects
  • Reduces wrinkles if a difference in the appearance
  • Hydrates the skin and corrects irregularities in the production of sebum

In summary, muscle stimulation exerts a full on facial skin, helping to slow the aging process, to directly stimulate muscles and tendons, helps restore the tone of the face of a completely natural and no side effects.


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