Reliant, a solar backpack

Reliant, a solar backpack

Zeal Optics, the company specializes in extreme sports equipment has recently presented its solar backpack. With this backpack, skiers, snowboarders and hikers have other energy continuously to their portable devices.

This backpack loads a detachable solar panel. While it were headed to the site chosen to indulge in our favorite activities, the bag captures solar energy; reacts with both indoor and outdoor light. This energy is converted into electricity and stored in the lithium polymer 1500 mAH battery, MOL-P08 to charge all mobile devices such as GPS, mobile phone, walkman, etc. The units are charged via USB.

Besides its green side loader, Reliant is very ergonomic and very convenient for those keen on outdoor activities. Reliant is advertised at $ 200, or 153 euros. This backpack is available in black green and orange.

Some features:

  • Goggle size top compartment is perfect for Transcend GPS goggle
  • Organic Plastic Solar Panel
  • Supercool ventilated padded back & straps
  • Storage for ice axe, probe, beacon & ski’s
  • solar panel is fully recyclable
  • Lightweight,thin-film photovoltaic material
  • Also Chargeable from computers USB port


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