Remedies for lice, Pediculosis pubis and mosquitoes

Head lice affects mainly children and can cause epidemics in schools, its transmission is by direct contact with an infected person, or combs, brushes and hats, its spread is the lack of proper hygiene.

The incubation period from infection to onset of first symptoms is about 15 days.

Remedies for lice, Pediculosis pubis and mosquitoes

How do you begin head lice?

Lice start with itching scalp and increases with every passing day, especially in occipital, retro handset and neck.


Proper selection of shampoo of lindane or permethrin 1% to 1.5%, but are also effective 0.5% malathion, benzyl benzoate 20% and other pyrethroids.

Lather the scalp with some of the shampoos listed for 5-10 minutes then rinse well. A single application sufficient to eliminate all parasites.

Repeat the treatment a week to kill the new parasites, after treatment, the nits that take the more than 4 mm of the emergence of hair are not feasible.

It can also be removed through a comb (“nit”) after applying for a few minutes a vinegar solution 50% in water. Combs, hairbrushes and other personal items that have been in contact with the hair leaving them to soak should be disinfected with a solution of lindane 1%, mixed 50% with water for several hours.

One of the main problem is its neurotoxicity of lindane, therefore, is contraindicated in children under 2 years and pregnant women.


Pediculosis pubis or “crabs”

Its spread is usually by sexual contact, but can also be transmitted by sharing clothing or bed, begins with progressive intensity genital itching. In the male the Pthirus Pubis hair can climb the abdomen and into the armpit, which extends the itching.

The person with Pediculosis pubis or “crabs,” says he noticed blood stains or dark spots on her underwear, excoriated papules and the presence of the parasite attached to the hairs, like brown spots 1-2 mm, which has appearance of dirt.

They can be blue-gray spots (macules cerulean) of 0.5 to 1 cm. diameter in the lower abdomen and upper thighs that belong to small hematomas with suction, also observed abrasions, impetiginization secondary, and regional lymphadenopathy.


Pediculosis pubis or “crabs” pair wing treatment

Like head lice, anti pediculicide shampoo lather the pubic area and, in the male, abdomen, armpits and thighs, for 5-10 minutes, then repeat the treatment a week. Most effective are permethrin or lindane 1.5% to 1%. It is recommended the parallel treatment of the couple and recent sexual contact.

Crabs that are attached to the flanges can be removed by placing a thick layer of petroleum jelly twice a day or physostigmine ophthalmic ointment 0.025% twice daily for eight days. The underwear, sheets and towels should be washed with hot water.


Remedies against mosquitoes:

With the arrival of summer mosquitoes appear undesirable, here are some tips to keep in mind to repel mosquitoes:

Place a glass of vinegar or a bag full of water on the window.

Sprayed with lemon tea, because the lemon scent repels insects.

Take brewer’s yeast (about 3 tablespoons a day).

Eating raw garlic, onion and clove oil, these odors dislike mosquitoes and keep them away.

Eating foods with vitamin B (almonds, mushrooms, chickpeas, lentils), the skin will smell that repels mosquitoes.

The daily consumption of 60 milligrams of zinc (cereals, meat, dairy, soy), is very effective.

Place windows and doors, clusters of plants like lavender, rosemary, thyme and eucalyptus, the scent of these plants is that mosquitoes dislike, so it creates a buffer against the insect effect.

Planting pots of basil: will move away from the smell.

Avoid giving off sweet smells perfume.

Do not wear bright or fluorescent colors which attract mosquitoes.

Cooking eucalyptus leaves and put the liquid obtained in small containers to be placed in every room.

Candles scented lavender or lemon will also help.


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