Remove cuticles: Tips for beautiful nails

Every woman knows the plague remove the cuticle. It is not necessary the problem if one’s nails regularly and carefully cultivates. Well cared for hands are the calling card of every person. This also means that one treats his nails carefully and remove the annoying back cuticles or push around.

Cuticle care is more important than removing cuticles, you should never pluck around it or cut around. Because the cuticle has an important role: It protects the nail root from bacteria and fungal nail infections.

Remove cuticles Tips for beautiful nails

Every woman knows from previous attempts to remove the cuticles that almost always leads to injury and inflammation, just lurking here, just the danger that ignites the nail bed.

This act maintained as everything else hands, on the contrary, it looks sloppy, also affect people who bite their nails or skin, always distasteful.

The skin is our largest organ

In fact, our skin has a surface area of about two square meters, and thus it is the largest organ in the human body. The horny layer and top of our skin is made of keratin, which is resistant and protects against chemical or mechanical stimuli.

This layer of the epidermis is usually with a natural fat-water film, and the protection against fungi and bacteria offers. Through constant contact with water and soap, the hands, the nails and cuticles are dry, cracked and unsightly. It is absolutely necessary, therefore, a greasing after washing your hands, specifically after use of detergents.

Push back cuticles instead of removing

Every time you wash your hands, push gently with the towel when drying off your cuticles back.

Several times a week do you pamper your nails with a thick layer of cream and put on cotton gloves. Then push gently with a wooden stick your cuticles back.

Be patient, after a while your cuticles will look perfect. Take a small tube (sample bottle) a hand lotion in your purse, so you can maintain your cuticles always while traveling.


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