Remove this information from your Facebook profile to improve your privacy

The issue of privacy is something that concerns us all. And if we talk about privacy and concerns, we are inevitably talking about Facebook . Zuckerberg’s gigantic social network is always present when it comes to privacy, data protection, security and today we are going to try to lend a hand with this subject. And although we know that privacy is important , we continue to publish a lot of personal information on the network.

If you are one of those who care about your personal integrity or want to save yourself bad experiences with the social network

If you are one of those who care about your personal integrity or want to save yourself bad experiences with the social network, my recommendation is to remove from your Facebook some of the data that, even if you think not, being poorly used, can do you much harm . These data are as follows.

The data you need to remove from Facebook to make it more private

Surely they may seem trifles, but the truth is that they are not. Any of these data can be used against you or against your loved ones , so you better save yourself the fright. If you have published any of these data, it is best to delete them as soon as possible:

Your phone number : It is okay to have it, as long as it is set up so that only your friends can see it. If you put it public you risk that any unwanted use it for illicit purposes.

Your date of birth : if you have it, you can know what day you were born and how old you are. That can also be used against you, so better remove it.

Photos of your children : surely you do not want to see the photos of your children swarming by the Facebook of some stranger, so better not upload them. If you have already uploaded them, delete them.

Information about your children : like the school they go to and what they are called. If you publish these data you will be exposing them in public without realizing it.

If you are on vacation : If you are on vacation, your house may be alone, which makes it a thief candy. If you go on vacation, do not count it.

Bank details : for obvious reasons, right?

No bosses : if you have your boss on Facebook you risk that something you have published feels bad. There you are.
Surely, as you have been reading the list you have been looking at your Facebook, verifying that you have published some of this data .

It’s never too late! You can always edit your profile and modify this information. Since you expose part of your private life on Facebook, at least do not sell it all without knowing it. If you are going to publish some personal information , be aware that on Facebook you are never alone , even if you think so.


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