Remove partition in XP – how it works

Remove the partition with XP – how to do it and what actually makes sense to delete a partition.

A partition is the division of a hard drive in a separate section. Of course, the area is still on your hard drive, but the system is classified as a separate drive. For example, if you go into the workplace, you often see these partitions as an additional drive D, E or F. Removing a partition in XP usually constitute a major problem, but there are a few basic things to be observed. What this is concrete and how to remove a partition in XP without much trouble, you will be explained step by step in the following sections.

Remove partition in XP - how it works

Remove a partition with the Windows Setup CD on Windows XP

Insert your Windows Setup CD into the drive and restart your computer so that it boots from the CD. If not, please change the first boot priority to CD-ROM in your BIOS. You can now see how the device drivers are loaded. You will need about five minutes of patience until they finally come into the menu where your hard disk partitions are seen.

Keep in mind that your data stored on it are lost and is irrevocable, after deleting a partition. You should have previously created a backup, if you continue to place value on your data. Now select the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the partition and press D on keyboard, confirm with Enter. The provided disk space is now on your main partition.

Picked up the main partition

If you want to delete the main partition, it means the complete loss of your data and require you to reinstall your operating system. Proceed as described in the previous section. Remove this partition in XP also means that a format must be performed.

You have the choice between the quick format and full format. Recommended at this point is always the full format. Then your system will be reinstalled and created a new partition, you can name your own discretion.

Here are also some free wares, that have flexibility of deleting partition in graphical interfaces. You can also add space to an existing partition that is you can expand or reduce the current size of a particular partition without using windows setup CD. Such programs can be downloaded from internet. For example you can try with PartitionMagic.


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