Remove vermin in the kitchen – Tips and Tricks

Vermin in the kitchen is not only disgusting but also dangerous to health and should therefore be eliminated as soon as possible.

For any vermin in the kitchen is an horror. In the place where is cooked and eaten, vermin has no business. But it is actually at some point once established pests in food and in the kitchen, you should remain calm and act wisely in order to quickly get rid of the vermin.

Remove vermin in the kitchen - Tips and Tricks

Before doing anything against the vermin, one should first deal with finding out where the animals come from. Alone to remove the animals, usually makes little sense, because the way these animals have come into the kitchen, it will also create many more unwanted guests. Therefore, it should be checked whether somewhere is a loophole through which the vermin can penetrate in the kitchen area. But in most cases, meal worms or small beetles purchased together with the food at the supermarket takes even the vermin in the house, for example. These stowaways you noticed but usually only when they are more numerous and spread over the whole kitchen have.

Could not find any reason for the bugs, you should assume that you have brought the animals themselves, together with the food into the house. To get rid of to the vermin in the kitchen again, the first thing you should dispose of the foods in which vermin has been found. Even the foods that are in the same affected cabinet should be disposed. Often the animals have their eggs or larvae to have passed. This may not be obvious at first glance. If these foods is not be disposed of, it would hatch vermin in the kitchen once again. After the appropriate disposal, the cabinet should be washed thoroughly with vinegar and water. Vermin is not only unhygienic but can also be harmful. These can cause serious intestinal illness. Therefore, it is advisable to wipe after wash the cabinets with disinfectant. If the vermin in the kitchen do not disappear again, there are special medicines in the retail sector, which can be used to fight pests. However, these are often also harmful to humans. Therefore, care should be taken seriously when using such resources in order not to endanger your own health.

Prevent vermin in the kitchen

Don’t store food in the open part, here and there.

Always decant liquids into sealable containers such as cans or plastic jars.

Kitchen waste should be stored outside the apartment.
Otherwise, this would provide vermin optimal conditions to spread and multiply. Likewise, dishes should never be rinsed in the kitchen for a longer period.


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