Repair Microsoft Outlook Express dbx files

To repair different dbx files, you must have an appropriate software installed and the proper steps are made.

Users who use the Microsoft Outlook Express mail program, Dbx is the most important files on their computer. Each of these files is a folder for the mail program and stores all important data of the user. A damage to the existing dbx files means a huge lost of all content, such as emails, attachments and contact ids. In such a case, users must try to repair the damaged files. Appropriate programs for the repair dbx files can be found on the Internet.

Repair Microsoft Outlook Express dbx files

Which programs, these special files to be repaired?

Fortunately the repair can be done by a reliable free software, therefore an investment is not needed. The best-known and supposedly best software for this purpose is the program OE-Mail Recovery. There are also other programs for the repair, but these are usually somewhat complicated to use.

How to Repair dbx files with OE-Mail Recovery?

First, the program will extract all the letters of the damaged file and securely saved on the hard disk. Next, a new and empty Outlook Express file is created on the hard disk. The old corrupted dbx files has yet to be cleared beforehand.

To copy the old letters from the backup into the new empty file, both Outlook Express and Windows Explorer should be opened. The letters were saved by OE-Mail Recovery, all are selected and dragged into the newly created Outlook folders.


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