Repair to a water damaged cell phone: how it works

The user can repair to a water damaged cell phone. A cell phone can only be dried to prevent damage to the device.

Today without a cell phone does not work much longer. Unfortunately, it often happens that a cell phone falls into the water and the user, the question arises as to the cell phone water damage repair probably can. Of course, not all cell phones and immediately lost a few tricks can help save the phone after all. In order for a cell phone can then be used further, need quick action by the user.

repair to a water damaged cell phone

General Information

Is a water damage caused to the phone then it must be turned off first. Before the items are placed on a microfiber cloth, water droplets can be removed with a cotton swab. Here it is important that you do not press too hard and the electronics are not damaged.

Trade in special bags are available if the phone is not waterproof. Especially for a vacation and the beach, these prove to be extremely useful. Through the bags must have a user need not think about how he can fix a cell phone to water damage.

A cell phone for water damage repair – what to do?

The speed after the water damage is most important. Too long a time elapses, then rust is formed and the contacts are destroyed. Immediately after the water damage should the phone be disassembled into its individual parts. Also the SIM card and battery are removed and many mobile phone users can also remove the keyboard and the shell. The instructions can be any user in the event of problems to assist you.

To repair a cell phone to water damage, all parts should be wiped with a paper towel and placed on a towel. With the towel then all parts will be worn over a radiator or any other warm place. Because small particles can also melt, but it should never be too hot.

Is a water damage caused and the phone can not be disassembled, then it can be blow-dried, dry with a hair dryer. Here too, the phone may not be too hot, it should be blow-dried only at the lowest level. All parts are now dry overnight and the next day everything is reassembled. At this point you can test whether the phone will work again.

You can also contact a mobile phone seller, if the phone has water damage. The professional checked the phone and tried to save. If this is unsuccessful, then you have probably purchased a new device. Often, however, nor does the SIM card on which all contacts are stored. When a new phone you should first test whether the data are recoverable.


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